Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS the Bowes station, chatted with the Major and soon the Amateur Gentleman an- nounced that he had a tyro who wanted to try an imitation of Ben Bernie. So the Ole Maestro himself went on to do himself. You're right. There wasn't a single telephonic vote of approval of his rendition. OFF THE COB Irene Beasley is the tall gal from Dixie who's been conducting the R. F. D. No. 1 morning programs over CBS. Irene, planta- tion-bred and an ex-resident of a Tennes- see Rural Free Delivery route, came to New York and made a name for herself with her rhythm songs. But, thinking of her own background, she created the idea of R. F. D. Xo. 1 —a program of songs and chatter for farm fans. Irene's a real farmerette at heart and she's even arranged with the Post Office to take care of the mail from her farm listeners. It is ad- dressed to "Irene Beasley, R. F. D. No. 1, New York City"—and it is delivered to her at home. Which means that R. F. D. No. 1 in New York is a lovely, modernistic apartment right off of Park Avenue in the teeming Fifties. And not a cow or corn- field in sight. "SASCHA, JASCHA, MISCHA, TOSCHA" // you heard the George Gershwin memorial program, over CBS on a Sunday in July, you probably remember a song the Modernaires sang called Sascha, Jascha, Mischa and Toscha. That was a time which George ivrote with his brother, Ira, twenty years ago for a musical comedy. It was a comedy song dedicated to four great violinists — S. Jacob- sen, J. Heifets, M. Elman and T. Seidel. After its initial appearance, everybody for- got about it until the memorial concert. It 'mis listed for the program and CBS began to hunt for a copy. There ivas none to be found in New York. Columbia called Ira Gershwin in California. He had no copy, but maybe Random House, the pub- Harvest Lithograph by Robert Ricgi ited Ushers who on limited Gershwin Song Book edition, had a copy left. After much search, Ran- dom House came through. For the first time in twenty years S., J., M., and T. was sung professionally. And this time, it was out of a book. "YOUR STATION IS " Before the Kay Kyser Musical Kollege goes on the air each Wednesday night, Announcer Ben Grauer and Kay indulge in a dash of repartee for the benefit of the studio audience. Now when the show comes on, if you listen carefully, the first sound you hear is laughter from the New York audience. Grauer is responsible. Usual procedure on a program is the signal for dead silence, then station an- nouncement and then a new signal and the show's on the air. Ben follows that system up to the few seconds before the station announcement. At that moment, he solemnly moves to the microphone and says: "This is Station W.P.A., New York." (Continued on page 82) Gather pleasure in full meas- ure with every glass of fra- grant, appetizing Dole Pine- apple Juice from Hawaii. Pure-unsweetened-natural! Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., alsi packers of Dole Pineapple "Gems, 1 Sliced, Crushed, Tidbits, and the nei "Royal Spears." Honolulu. Hawaii U.S.A. Sales Offices: San Francisco NURSING MOTHERS Consult your doctor regularly. Ask about Hygeia Nipples and Bottles. Nipple, breast-shaped, easily inverted and thoroughly cleaned. Patented tab keeps nip- ple germ-free. New inside valve prevents collapse. v ^ ► safest because WKKr easiest to clean NEW UNDERARM PADS STOP PERSPIRATION Prevent Wet Underarms and Odor Now it's easy to make sure underarms are daintily dry and sweet. Simply whisk a 5 DAY pad over both underarms and you go to office, parties or anywhere on hottest days without offensive underarm per- spiration odor, wet armpits, or stained dress sleeves. Often effec- tive 5 days or more, depending upon the individual. Kasyonclothcs too. You see that for yourself ... the saturated cloth pads are not ' harmed by the mild, gentle lotion, f Large jar, 55c. Toilet goods * counters or direct postpaid. Associated Distributors, Inc. 11 Fast Hubbard Street, Dept. MM-1, Chicago, Illinois. Annette King, Breakfast Club and Club Matinee singer, was born in Aurora, Illinois. She's been heard on NBC programs since 1936. 81