Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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Blue-Jay relieves pain by removing pressure, then in a few days the corn lifts out root and all (exceptionally stubborn cases may require a second application). Blue-Jay is safe, easy to use. 25* for 6. Same price in Canada. BAUER I BLACK BLUE-JAY CORN PLASTERS REMOVE CORNS ROOT AND ALL PLATTER PATTER FOR RUG TURNER-BACKERS On behalf of you shaggers, and even you polka-fiends, there's one outfit that gets the official Platter Patter Pat this month. It's Woody Herman's, which dem- onstrates what a good band should do on Carolina In The Morning, Saving Myself For You, Caliope Blues and—sh-h-h-h— Flat Foot Floogee (Decca). The vocals are Woody's—very, very fine . . . Sweet swinging Hal Kemp is back in shape with You And Me, So Lovely and two novel- ties—So You Left Me 'For The Leader of A Swing Band and Rhyme A Rhymc- a-Lxng (Victor). They're good—but, oh those vocals by Judy Starr! The young lady hasn't learned yet, I'm afraid, how to sing songs in front of a microphone . . . Vocalion has the most unique offering of the season in Mannie Klein and his Swing- a-Hulas. Mannie, one of the trade's top trumpeters, has combined with three Hawaiian instrumentalists and dreamed up such gems as Dreamy Hawaiian Moon and Hoohihi Oe Kc Ike Mai. They are major musical contributions. Gene Krupa continues to develop. He pays homage to the jittery-bugs with Wirebrush Stomp and What Goes On Here? (Brunswick) . . . Bob Crosby's Dixielanders keep goin' 'round and 'round in that inspired groove they've hit with Royal Garden Blues and Tea For Two. The Bobcats yowl in swing-time on March of the Bobcats and Who's Sorry Now? (Decca) . . . The B. Goodman killer- diller is Wrappin' It Up and My Melan- choly Baby. Big John Special coupled with Flat Foot Floogee is painfully "hot," as we used to say in the pre-swing days . . . One of the greatest combinations on records is Teddy Wilson and Nan Wynn. Their If I Were You (Brunswick) is plu- perfect. On the other side, Teddy and his band go it alone with Jungle Love. Larry Clinton, one of my personal favor- ites, should be a little more careful in pick- ing his recording tunes. A lot of them are highly mediocre. One platter you should like, though, is a Clinton-Dorsey double- feature. Larry does Mr. Jinx, Stay Away from Me, with Bea Wain swinging her usual elegant vocal. On the other side, Tommy offers This Time It's Real, with Jack Leon- ard delivering, too (Victor) . . . Two beau- tiful Dorsey arrangements are Music, Maes- tro, Please and All Through the Night — all through which Tommy's trombone shines (Victor) . . . Count Basie keeps hitting closer to the top. Solid senders both are his Swinging the Blues and Sent for You Yesterday (Decca) . . . Great new Ellington tune marked to reign with Caravan is Pyra- mid (Brunswick). I haven't heard any- thing to top it in a long while . . . The Sophisticates—a collection of the industry's best instrumentalists—got together for Dark Eyes and Song of the Volga Boatman (Decca). Swell work. Fletcher Henderson, now doing most of Goodman's arrangements, puts his own band to work and produces interesting re- sults. The best of which are Motcn Stomp and Don't Let The Rhythm Go To Your Head (Vocalion) . . . Bunny Beri- gan does a consistently fine record job. This time two swing novelties command respect: Wcarin Of The Green and Pied Piper (Victor) . . . Jimmy Dorsey wears very well. You'll like / Hadn't Anyone Till You and There's A Farazvay Look In Your Eye (Decca) ... No slouch, either, is Will Hudson—another arranger-con- ductor. Get China Clipper and Flat Foot F. —if you still care (Brunswick) . . . Time now to SWING TO SWEET Not much is ivorthy here. Yet the ever-reliable Lombardos have Ride, Ten- derfoot, Ride and a nczv walta by Carmen —I Love You With All My Heart (Vic- tor) . . . Horace Hcidt: folks tell me you're one swell guy and that to watch you put on a shozv is guaranteed enter- tainment, but I still can't take your tmtsic. And Sammy Kayc —/ can't learn to like yours, either . . . By eliminating most of the phony trimmings a band can still pro- vide respectable needle fodder. Like Ruby Newman's. Very pleasant are his I Mar- ried An Angel, Rainbow In The Night and all the rest (Decca) . . . Laugh of the season is Rudy Vallee attempting an Irish brogue in Phil The Fluter's Ball (Blue- bird) . . . Al Donahue does nicely with Music, Maestro and Spring Is Here (Vocalion) . . . They're all you really have to zvorry about. OF F-T HE-BEAT EN-PATH DEPT. : Raymond Scott and that Remarkable Quin- tet in two new Scott tone-poems— Egyptian Bam Dance and Happy Farmer (Bruns- wick). Your turn-table should welcome them. VOCALS Best of the lot—with countless imitators already at work—is Ella Fitzgerald teaming with Chick Webb on A-Tisket A-Tasket. Backing the sensationalized nursery rhyme is Liza (Decca) . . . Slim and Slam, respon- sible for F.F.F., follow up with 8, 9 and 10. That offering is strengthened with Oh, Lady Be Good (Vocalion) . . . The Golden Gate Quartet sing Lead Me On and On and Take Your Burdens to God (Bluebird). Their work is magnificent . . . There's no king like the Bing. I'm at a slight loss for words when it comes to his Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Darling Nellie Gray —done with the background of the Paul Taylor Choristers (Decca) . . . But a great disap- pointment is the Crosby-Connie Boswell disc of Alexander's Ragtime Band. Connie her- self is terrific on All Alone and Remember, two great Berlin tunes (Decca) . . . Tony Martin with Ray Noble is okay, too, in Ber- lin's new Now It Can Be Told and My Walking Stick (Brunswick) . . . Frances Langford slips badly with Night and Day (Decca). Mildred Bailey sells Washboard Blues and 'Round My Old Deserted Farm (Vo- calion) for everything they're worth. And they're worth plenty . . . Louis Armstrong, united with the Mills Brothers, gives a