Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS Meredith Willson, Good News maestro, returns with his wife, Peggy, from England, where he was guest conductor of the BBC orchestra. swell version of Caravan and F. F. F. with just a trumpet and four voices (Decca) . . . And if you want a change from it all, you should try Gene Autry—one of the country's all-time-high record sellers. His / Want A Pardon For Daddy and End Of My Round-'Cp Days (Yocalion) are good samples. CLASSICALS Columbia bou-s to George Gershwin in a collection of that great musician's works with performances by Gershwin himself, by Fred Astairc, Ffildegarde and others. All the best Gershwin songs are present. You should own them (Set X-95) . . . This is my first mention of Benny Good- man's entrance into the classical field with the recording of a Mozart Quintet with the Budapest String Quartet (Victor). It's interesting but far from history-making . . . Good collection is the American Song Al- bum of typical 18th and 19th century Amer- ican music. The Madrigal Singers include such melodic immortals as Oh, Suzanna and Cocaine Lil (Columbia) . . . For truly great violin creation, I'd like to suggest Fritz Kreislcr's recording of his own con- certo with the Philadelphia Orchestra (Victor) . . . One of the best string quar- tets, the Roth, has recorded Dvorak's Quartet No. 6. Sometimes humorous, sometimes melancholy, it is always better than good (Columbia) . . . Sir Thomas Beccham and the London Philharmonic have recorded two magnificent works of Sibelius: Finlandia, the symphonic poem (Columbia) and the 4th Symphony (Vic- tor). RECOMMENDED FOR SERIOUS CONSIDERATION Beechajn and Schubert's 8th Sym- phony —it's the one you know well as the Unfinished (Columbia) . . . Elegie and The Moon Is High in the Sky, sung by that now-lamented and incompar- able basso—Feodor Chaliapin (Victor) . . . Dr. Charles Courboin, great artist of the organ, plays Bach's two most popular com- positions: Air for G String and Fervent Is My Longing, the chorale-prelude (Victor) . . . Felix Weingartner, Beethoven expert, performs that composer's Lenore Overture with the London Symphony (Columbia) .. . And that talented soprano, Kirsten Flagstad, sings Oh Lovely Night and At Parting (Vic- tor). A major pleasure item. with. EYEBROW CONTROL For charm and beauty, it's most important to keep your eyebrows trim and shapely. And it's easy, too. Just "tweeze" away those stray hairs and heavy outlines with Wigder Tweezers — especially constructed with raised shoulders and carefully set jaws for positive grip. Don't neglect this essential beauty care! Get Wigder Tweezers today at any drug orlO-cent Help Kidneys Don't Take Drastic Drugs ^Yuur Ki "ill!.,lot- ion tiny drastic irrit.itnu If functional disorders of the Kidneys -utter frmn (letting Up Circles ruder Kyes. Diz; Exce-s Acidity, or Burning >tion Cystex. Cystex starts uoi DON'T TAKE CHANCES. USE Mr PVPPY CAPSULZS M TO WORM SMALL DOGS 1 lie 23 1879. Con- stantly improved. Made of finest drugs. Sold under money-bark Guarantee by druft and pet shops. \sk them for a FREE copy of "Sergeant's" Doft Book, or write: POLK MILLER PRODUCTS CORP. 5010 W. Broad Street • Richmond, Va. Copr. 193S. Polk .Wilier DOC MEDICINES