Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS tue Joan Winters, NBC actress, is Mrs. Frank Bering in real life. On Girl Alone she is Mrs. Alice Warner and she was christened Mabel Mehaffie. A BACHELOR'S ADVICE (Continued from page 17) very bad reading. Here's a luncheon dish that will do when you wonder what to have next. Place a whole head of cooked cauliflower on a chop plate. Don't stop then to won- der what it looks like, just pour over it a rich white sauce containing cooked shrimp, small oysters and grated cheese. This can be served with green peas and as much conversation as the company can manage between mouthfuls. Oh yes, and while we're up to your neck in cauliflower, here's one you might like to add to your cauliflower repertoire. Cook it with the head down so that the scum which forms over the top of the water won't settle on the white part of the vegetable. Which, by the way, you can keep white by adding a little milk to the w-ater in which you're boiling it. To polish cloudy mahogany, use a chamois wet in cold water and then wrung dry. . . Pancake batter will drop off more easily if you dip the spoon in water . . . To stretch the toes of a tight pair of shoes, wedge in a golf ball while you're not wearing them ... A few drops of lemon juice will strengthen the flavor of rasp- berries and pears. If you have any old lace, and are plan- ning on a Gibson Girl effect for your next public appearance, you can revive your old lace and make it look like new this way: Squeeze it in hot, soapy water and then squeeze it again in cold water. After you've squeezed it to your lace's content, dip it in milk—of all things—and press it on the wrong side. In this way, the lace will be fine when it's placed wherever you're placing it, and the first thing you know you'll be looking like Lillian Rus- sell and having twice as much fun. A pinch of salt in coffee or cocoa will brighten the taste ... If you paint your old flat-irons, they'll make attractive kitchen book-ends . . . For a dark fruit cake, soak a package of mincemeat over- night and then add it to your favorite spice cake recipe . . . Don't keep dates and cereals side by side on the shelf, or worms will get the dates. Here's a different way to bake ham: Pour the syrup from a number-two can of red plums over a thick slice of ham. Don't stop there, but bake it one hour in a moderate oven—that's about 350° F., or it was, anyway, the last time I talked it oyer with a moderate oven. Then sprinkle the ham with brown sugar, stick some cloves all over it, place the plums around NEW SHOES FOR OLD" with GRIFFIN BLACK DYE • Take those white and colored shoes you thought were "done for." • Apply the new and guaranteed GRIFFIN BLACK DYE —following the simple but sure directions in every package. • Your shoes will have a new jet black finish that will net wear off! For sale wherever shoe polish is sold ONLY Made by GRIFFIN THE GREATEST NAME IN SHOE POLISH KEEN FOR DRY HAIR/ VEG'E'LAY "1 The Perfect Hair Groom SUMMER sun and winds are hard on hair. Lucky Tiger Veg- E-Lay corrects dry hair makes it look better—stay groomed longer — checks loose dandruff and tones the scalp. Costs little at druggists,barbers, IOjZ? stores AIR SS1NG Your choice of ladies' smart new Jeweled Wrist Watch or men's curved Gold Plate Front wrist watch included FREE of any extra charge with every ring ordered during SALE and paid for promptly on our easy new two monthly $2 payment plan (total only s i i YOU PAY NOTHING EXTRA for the Watch! SEND NO MONEY with your order. We gladly trust you. Wear for 10 days Free Trial. Send coupon or postcard todav. Your order shipped postage prepaid by RETURN MAIL. •••••••••••••••••••A GOLD STANDARD WATCH CO., Dcut S-3210. Newton. Mass. Rush offer. □ Ladies' Model □ Men s Model NAME . ADDRESS 87