Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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5*3 1 ■■■■ So CHARLES BELVIN Smokes Luckies,the 2 to 1 Favorite of America's Independent Tobacco Experts TOBACCOLAND has many indepen- dent experts—skilled auctioneers, buyers and warehousemen. These men do not work for any cigarette company, therefore they are impartial. Here's what one of them — Charles Belvin, indepen- dent buyer—tells you about tobacco: At auction after auction for over 19 years, I've seen Luckies buy the best grades of tobacco —the 'Cream of the Crop'!" Sworn records show that, among Mr. Belvin's fellow experts, Luckies have over twice as many exclusive smokers as have all other cigarettes put together. In addition to the finest tobacco, Luckies give you throat protection.The'T ousting" process, you know, takes out certain harsh irritants found in all tobacco. So Luckies are a light smoke — gentle on your throat — delightful to your taste. Let a one-week trial prove it! Swom "Records Show That- WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST-IT'S LUCKIES 2 TO 1