Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS . . . and that calls for a napkin that fits firmly, comfortably— doesn't bulk, doesn't show! * Kotex doesn't show—thanks to its flattened, tapered ends. Users say "it's less bulky—it fits!" * Kotex is made with a special patented center section that guards against spotting. if Kotex can be worn on either side —both sides are fully absorbent. * Kotex stays Wondersoft—it's cushioned in cotton to prevent chafing. * Only Kotex offers three types— Regular, Junior and Super—for different women on different days. (' Trade Mark fUl. V. S. Paltnl Offitt) KOTEX SANITARY NAPKINS zxxx LOOKS like Dorothy Lamour has been reading her press agent's brain-storms. For Dottie is show- ing all the well-known earmarks of "going Hollywood"—and go- ing fast. She's trying to break her contract with NBC and, rumor has it, is trying to break matrimo- nial ties with Herbie Kay. Maybe the fact that Paramount moved her into their star dressing-room, for- merly occupied by W. C. Fields, has put ideas into her purty head. W. C. is still tops around the studio. Drops in every once in a while for a visit with the boys and regales them with choice stories of his travels. "Now the last time I was in Tahiti," he was musing the other day. "Er, by the way, any of you boys been to Tahiti? No? Well, that's swell! Now there's no limit to the lies I can tell." M-G-M has been clamoring for Fields to be the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. But Mr. F. had to turn dozen that chance — and the $150,000 — because he's going to do a little opus for Universal, titled You Can't Cheat An Honest Man. THERE'S a new and exclusive club at the NBC studios. So far, membership has been limited to the five charter members Pablo Ricardo, Latin-American violin- ist, conducts two programs over NBC. Fannie Brice's new home was deco- rated by none other than Baby Snooks.