Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS WEST COAST CHATTER BY LOIS SVENSRUD The latest lowdown on air stars' doings in the film capital (Left) Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone are back for another season of super-entertainment. Andy Devine, Don Wilson, John Scott Trotter, Jack Smart and Anson Weeks. Eligibility requirements are high—230 pounds or over. Anyone who has the caloric consumption necessary to make that grade can become a tried and trusted brother "Fat Feller." IF THERE are those among you who think Nelson Eddy doesn't have what it takes— drop around the NBC studios after a broadcast. It takes four ushers to get Nelson out of (Continued on page 74) Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor go to town in the Big Town CBS series. • Millard Shorts, noted American painter, pictures the century-old hospitality of friendly Haivaii — when natives greeted visitors from across the sea with luscious fruits. wiZU VOLE VU<jeajQ)(U&JiUce, — judo Uc DOLE PINEAPPLE JUICE FROM HAWAII