Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS A new quiz show makes its debut General Julia, of course, is for the women. However, they're not doing so well! Gloria Stuart (Hollywood Star) TELLS GIRLS: "Smooth MA/DSme "EXQUISITE HANDS are essential for feminine charm", says GLORIA STUART* co-starring in Columbia's "The Lady Objects." "A little regular care helps keep a woman's hands smooth and lovely." Try caring for your hands with Jergens! Used regu- larly, it prevents chapping! I lovely hands. With Lanny Rc i "The Lady Objects' How to help keep Your HANDS Smooth and Soft Her husband, Frank Crumit, heads the men's army. He's right proud of them, too! HAND SKIN SUFFERS from loss of natural moisture, when ex- posed to cold and wind, or frequent use of water. Looks coarse and older, feels harsh. Girls, furnish beautifying moisture for the skin by using Jergens Lotion. No stickiness! Jergens con- tains 2 ingredients, so effective to help whiten and soften the skin that many doctors use them. Quickly soothes chapping! Use Jergens regularly for soft, smooth hands that kindle love's flame. At business — have a bottle in your desk drawer; at home—keep Jergens in kitchen and bathroom. Use after every hand-washing. Only 50^, 25i, \0i — or $1.00 for the special economy size—at any beauty counter. Its 2 effective ingredients help even rough, neglect- ed hands to bedelightfully soft and velvet - smooth. jEl&eNslMON FREE: GENEROUS SAMPLE See-at our expense-how wonderfully this fragrani Jergens Lotion helps to make red. rough, chapped hand* Co.. 1648 Alfred Street. Ci erth, Ontario) Slrte Cily.