Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS TR SKIN frequently reflects how we feel. In business and social contacts we like our friends to tell us how well we look. The laity now recognizes—as physicians and scientists have for years—the vital im- portance of rich, red blood, as the founda- tion of strength, energy, and a clear healthy skin. for that tired let-down feeling It is well known how worry, overwork and undue strain take their toll of the precious red cells of the blood. S.S.S. Tonic brings you new strength and vitality by restoring your blood to a healthy state,and its benefits are cumulative and en- during, in the absence of an organic trouble. improves the appetite Further, S.S.S. Tonic whets the appetite . . . foods taste better . . . natural digesti\e juices are stimulated, and finally, the food you eat is of more value ... a very important step back to health. You, too, will want to take S.S.S. Tonic to help regain and maintain your red-blood- restore lost weight ... to regain energy ... and to give back to your skin that much desired natural glow, reflecting good health and well being. You should note an improvement at once, but may we suggest a course of several bot- tles to insure more complete and lasting recovery. Buy and use with complete confidence, and we believe \ou, like thousands of others, will be enthusiastic in your praise of S.S.S. Tonic for its part in making "you feel like yourself again." At all drug stores in two sizes. You will find the larger size more economical. BY MARY BIDDLE Irene Rich, the personifi- cation of eternal youth and beauty, has a cure for stay-a-beds. If you will make up your mind to get up promptly, your clothes, face and disposition will benefit by that extra time you have to spend on them. ON THE theory that we are all sisters under the skin, and that it is no easier for a glamorous radio star to diet or take a cold shower than it is for you or me, I resolved to learn some of the methods employed by said stars to keep themselves on the straight and narrow path to beaut}-. Now it's not every woman who cares to admit past errors and weaknesses—even after her reform—so, it was with great trepidation that I ap- proached Hollace Shaw, Eve March and Irene Rich with the plea that they confide in me the temptations they faced to backslide in their beauty routines, and the ways in which they overcame such temptations. "Fresh as paint," was the reply I deserved to receive from these girls. However, they were good enough to listen to my impertinent ques- tions and, once the ball of honest confession was started rolling, to give me some inter- esting and worthwhile infor- mation on How to Keep Young and Beautiful. Eve March, who has the same freshlv scrubbed, shin-