Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS Have you been guilty of these particular beauty sins? IIIIIIIIIIIJ ing beauty as Hepburn, was the first to break the ice with this admission: She so loathed the nightly face- cleansing routine that she had even clambered into bed, make-up and all! Because Eve's beauty sin is one of the gravest and commonest of all beauty faults, how she eventually triumphed over it is of particular interest to everyone. Eve says that bv adding a few drops of perfume to the last rinse water a lovely fra- grance is imparted both to the water and one's skin. This faint fragrance so relieves the monotony of an other- wise dull task that Eve no longer succumbs to that beauty sin. Eve has a trick, too, for taking the boredom out of hair-brushing. You, who brush your hair faithfully, will be as interested in this as the many of us who moan and groan and even, I'm sorry to say, skip the ritual entirely most of the time! She props a good book on her well-lighted dressing table and reads while she brushes her hair. Thus, the enter- taining diversion passes the time in such a pleasant way that there is no temptation to cut short the number of brush (Continued on page 14) Eve March, heard frequently on Grand Central Station, bears a marked resemblance to Kathar- ine Hepburn. Eve's beauty sin was that she loathed the night- ly face-cleansing routine. Hollace Shaw, coloratura so- prano, has a solution to that common sin—unlovely finger- nails. She also gives us some tips on how to make regular exercising both easy and fun. Vert vis IN FOUR QUICK STEPS * 1st STEP Mixing Takes a Minute 2nd STEP Applying Takes a Minute 3rd STEP Resting For 20 Minutes 4th STEP Rinsing Off Completely Look how easy it is for you to make the Linit Complexion Mask at home: *Simply mix three tablespoons of Linit (the same Linit so popular for the Bath) and one teaspoon of Cold Cream with enough milk to make a nice, firm consis- tency. Apply it to the cleansed face and neck and relax during the twenty minutes the mask takes to set. Then rinse off with clear, tepid water and pat the face and neck dry.