Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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RADIO STARS the first brrrr of the clock. The desire to stay in bed is all in the mind. By cultivating a new state of mind, we can get up without reluctance. Yes, we actually can arise eagerly! The first step in creating this new state of mind is to resolve hefore retiring that yon will forget that the alarm is to remind you of the time. When the clock goes oft", resist that old habit of turning over for another wink or two. Instead, tell yourself, "Here is a new day." Immediately begin think- ing of this day—the things it holds for you—the things you wish to ac- complish in its course. And then what, says you? Well, you'll get up—that's all! It works, because I've tried it. However, don't fool yourself into thinking it is simple to change a whole lifetime's way of thinking overnight; it calls for will- power and practice. Just think, though, how nice it will be to have those extra minutes and actually to enjoy getting up! Now Mary Biddle, your beauty editor, will do a little confessing! Oh, yes, I've been guilty of beauty sins, too. I think the worst sin of which I have been guilty was my way of get- ting so busy and interested in my work that I neglected to see that my make-up was fresh and every hair in place before dashing out on the trail of "something new" for the column! Have you committed this sin, too? If so. then you will be interested to know that I checked this fault by placing mirrors near doors! I can't get out of my office or house now without seeing myself. This silent reminder that "all is not well" keeps me, and will keep you, too, on the beauty path. This talk of make-up sins reminds me of the number of badly made-up faces one sees as the day wears on. There are all too many girls who will carefully apply make-up at their dressing tables in the morning, but whose subsequent beautifying is ex- tremely sketchy. How to keep these willful wanderers in line was quite a problem until I conducted a survey of office desks and handbags. I dis- covered, then, that these backsliders were slipping because they were not provided with sufficient cosmetics to do a good job, or attractive enough cosmetics to arouse any interest in the subject! If this has been one of your sins, then why not make it easy for yourself to look your best all the time? Put on your list of "I want" Christmas presents all those items needed for handbag and desk that will remove the temptation to slip from the beauty fold. There is another very common beauty sin, and as the cold weather is here with its insidious temptations, it is doubly important that it be called to your attention at this time. Namely, that luxurious, soul-satis- fying practice of taking very hot baths must be stopped! These ex- tremely hot baths are bad for all— and especially for you who have dry skins. Add a perfumed water sof- tener or a bubbly bath oil to your tub and focus your attention on their delights instead of the cooler tem- perature. You should not find it so hard, then, to forego the steaming hot tub which dries your skin and causes that scaly, chapped feeling. Before I leave you I want to say a thing or two to you on the subject of keeping young and beautiful. First, think of yourself as a grow- ing person in an ever-changing world. Remember that time does not stand still. Never feel that you, "know it all," for what is the style today will be out of date tomorrow. You should resist the temptation to be satisfied with the old hair-do be- cause someone in your grammar school days told you it was becoming. Don't look scornfully at the girls with frapped finger-tips or silver-shadowed eyes before trying them out your- self, in the privacy of your room if you so desire, to prove the lift they may give to the spirit, and the fresh- ness to the appearance! Dare to keep an open mind to the new things and to try them yourself—then you have risen above that most regrettable of all beauty sins—"getting in a rut!" Your supreme adventure of life is love . . . and love is yours with the seductive lure of No. 3 Perfume. This entrancing perfume magically makes you a gay enchant- ress . . . stirs the pulses and throbs the hearts of those around you. Let No. 3 Perfume bring you romance to- night and every night. At leading drug and department stores, in $1 and l5c sizes. Smart tuckaway size — for your purse — only IOC at all ten-cent stores. PARK 6-TILFORD Other famous odeurs: Adventure/ Cherish) Gardenia/ Lilac/ and No. 12. TIT]