Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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ARE fcADIO CONTESTS ON THE LEVEL > You'll find the truth here, with information as to how contest entries are handled and judged Donnelley's system guarantees Impartial and speedy selection of winning entries. Here are a group of judges at work on one of the large contests. imented, one sponsor, the Jones Metal Stamping Company of Saturnalia, Ohio, had a very sad and expensive experience which was typical in those days. Mr. Jones was highly elated at receiving forty thou- sand letters a week on his contest, until he discovered that his factory would be utterly unable to take care of the mail, having neither the space nor facilities to handle it. He had to spend some fifteen thousand dollars for extra space, clerks, executives and, later, five judges, so that the company might be freed of any suspicion of partiality or prejudice. But, in spite of his judges, Mr. Jones received more than seventeen thousand angry "nuisance" letters after the winners were selected. Here are samples of them: "Gentlemen : / wouldn't buy one of the Kitchen Mechanic mashines you make under no circumstancis. My wife and myself worked for two weeks on your contest and our anser should have entitled some kind of prize but no. You did not even tell us you got it. We know now, you dirty crooks because you were afraid it would show you got it. Probably some relatives got these prizes. I have told George Sampson from who I buy lumber as well as hardwear if he carries your lousy mashine I will buy all my needs from someone who don't. Yours (Signature)" "Gentlemen: We are all a little disgusted with a company which hitherto had enjoyed such a thorough respect and con- fidence in our family. When your radio program first went on the air, we felt a personal gladness in the fact because our own kitchen boasted one of your Kitchen Mechanics, a priceless assistant to my wife in the prep- aration of food. We had decided to get one of them for our married daughter as a Christmas gift. But that is unthinkable, today, thanks to your contest. Our youngest daughter, who is at (Blank) College and an honor student and who has specialized in advertising, sent you one of the cleverest solutions to the contest problem \ou possibly could have received. Her answer was posted on the bulletin board of her advertising class at college because of its excellence, and now zve are asked to believe it unworthy even of honorable mention by your judges. Under the circumstances,you (Continued on page 52) 31