Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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Joyce (Anne Teemcm): I'm so unhappy. My mother hates me—be- eause she knows I know she killed my father. I loved him so! (sobs at intervals). Edna (Helene Dumas) : It isn't hard to understand, Mrs. Gold- berg. They're just two kids that fell in love, that's all. It's natural. PUTTING THEIR How realistic performances have THE GOLDBERGS serial has become an epic of the air- waves, and as such is still enjoying one of the longest and most successful consecutive runs in radio history. In 1928, Gertrude Berg, a Manhattan housewife, conceived the idea for a radio serial about a Jewish family. Without any previous entertainment experience, she finally succeeded in selling the idea and building a hit program from it. Mrs. Berg not only continues to write the scripts herself, but she has endeared herself to listeners as Molly, the loving wife and mother of the Goldberg family. She has thought and lived this character for so long that, when she's before the mike, she can actually sense and experience all the emotions which Molly is supposed to be feeling. Jake, the irrascible but kindly Mr. Goldberg, has been played since the program's debut by James R. Waters, veteran stage actor. He's so completely wrapped up in the role that he even finds himself worrying about his radio family as much as he Edna (Helene Dumas): Jake (James Waters): I Molly (Gertrude Berg): Look, Joyce. Don't you tell you, Molly, I know Oy—I'm so nervous and think you d feel better if something is wrong. I can flusterated—I can't remem- you got it all off your feel it in here. Everything ber the name she said. Let chest? Spill it to me, honey, is not as it ought to be. me think—was it Bradford?