Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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Molly (Gertrude Berg): Haha. That's funny, Jake. Don't you think so, Samele? Oy, (sigh) it makes me happy to see you happy. Joyce (Anne Teeman): Sammy, you don't believe me, do you? Nobody trusts me, either. And even you don't believe or trust me. Joyce (Anne Teeman): They're chasing me, Sammy. Why don't they let me be happy? I'm afraid they'll take me away from you. +HAKTS INTO IT won laurels for The Goldbergs does about his own. To Roslyn Silber and Everett Sloane, playing the parts of the youthful Rosie and Sammy isn't work. They both throw themselves into the characterizations with such enthusiasm and intensity that they are actually Rosie and Sammy as they face the mike. The same holds true of Anne Teeman, who plays Joyce, and Helene Dumas, who is Edna. Despite the artificial studio atmosphere, lack of make-up, costumes and scenery, a witness to the broadcast would soon forget that he was watching actors and actresses, so expressive are their faces, words and gestures. So completely do they "put their hearts" into their work that they are one with the characters they portray. Aside from the universal human interest and appeal of the story itself and the superlative quality of the script, it is this intense realism on the part of the cast which has brought popularity to The Goldbergs. Rosalie (Ros- lyn Silber): Oh Mama, dar- ling! I'm so glad—I'm so happy. Every- thing is fine now. Isn't it wonderful, Mama, dear? Joyce (Anne Teeman): Oh, I'd die first be- fore I'd go back there! You won't let them take me, will you? They aren t coming, Sammy, are they? Really? lake (JamesWaters): Now I want it understood that I'm the head of this house. I will not stand for any more of this shilly-shallying. Molly (Gertrude Berg): Are you looking so happy, Jake, because you're really happy? Jake: Is it a crime I should feel good. Molly? Jake Goldberg (James Waters): Hallo-hallo-Mol- ly? Yes-yes-this is Jake. Don't worry, Molly, every- thing is under control.