Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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(Left to Right) Annie, Zeke and Judy Canova have good reason to look happy. They are now cast members of one of the air's big-time shows, The Chase and Sanborn Hour. Instead of two Strouds you now have the three hillbilly Canovas. RADIO 11 AMBLINGS BY ARTHUR MASON Concerning celebrities of the air, what they're doing and plan to do in Broadcastland, USA 34 AFTER vainly trying the skill of all the leading dummy-makers in the country, Edgar Bergen still pursues his quest for a spare copy of Charlie McCarthy. A number of carvers have made approximate replicas but, since movies and photographs have made Charlie's saucy face so familiar, approximation is not sufficient For the ordinary ventriloquist, a dummy would last a lifetime with reasonable care. No dummy ever before assumed the im- portance of Charlie McCarthy, and Bergen shudders at the thought of theft by a souvenir hunter, loss in an accident, fire or any of the dozen mishaps that might lose or destroy the crudely carved little manikin. In the latest effort to provide a duplicate, Bergen had a plaster cast of Charlie's head taken. The carvers will work from the cast to create a wooden model. BANDS seem to have been adopted officially this season as the proper medium for advertising cigarettes on the air. Four of the major brands are pinning their hopes to swing or sweet. Camel has Benny Goodman, Lucky Strike its Hit Parade, Tommy Dorsey for Raleigh and Kool, and Russ Morgan for Philip Morris. Exceptions are Chesterfield, which has ended its four-year asso- ciation with' the Kostelanetz orchestra to engage George Burns and Grade Allen; and Old Gold, which returns to the air with Robert Benchley. IN SPITE of the anti-Semitic propaganda that hi across the Atlantic from the Fascist nations of Europe, The Gold- bergs continue a serene course with no trace of an attack on racial grounds. Small repercussions were expected to pop up in the fan mail. So far, the expectations have been groundless. On die contrary, the letter files of Gertrude Berg, creator of