Radio stars (Dec 1938)

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John Hanson Bris- coe, nine-year-old descendant of the first President of the United States, who proud- ly told Famous First Facts listeners how His great-great-great-grandfather headed the first Continental Congress while George Washington was still riding up and down the country dodging musketfire, thus proving that old John Hanson was entitled to the unofficial title of "The Father of His Country." My career as a fact-finder has its hu- morous aspects, too. A lot of people, listen- ing to the radio program, have come to the conclusion that I am an authority on anything that ever happened first. Indus- trial concerns have offered to hire me when suits arose over priority claims. And one optimistic devotee of the Sport of Kings thought it would be a lucrative idea if I would pick the horses that would come in "first" at the race tracks! Yet, in all my life, try as I may, I have never been able to pick the first horse in any race I've witnessed! What has it all gained me ? 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