Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS A alone Oi uamntee Consistent^ day in and day owL WORLD-WIDE RECEPTION %$ SCOTT'iC £ RADIO There are no "ifs" "buts" "under favorable conditions" or other equivocations in the SCOTT guarantee. It says, simply and clearly, that the set I build for you will receive foreign broadcasts from stations as far as 10,000 miles away, with loud- speaker volume, consistently, at all seasons of the year. In addition, every part of the set (except tubes) is guaranteed against breakdown or service failure for a five-year period in- stead of the ordinary 90-day term. Beside bringing you dependable direct short wave reception of advertising-free foreign programs, this remarkable radio will re- ceive literally everything upon the North American continent on the regular broadcast band. Its rich, natural tone is a revela- tion—giving you reproduction of voice and music so exact that variation from actuality can be measured only with super-delicate instruments, being undetectable by the human ear. Such performance comes only from exacting laboratory con- struction, constantly checked and tested by extensive scientific equipment. Backing it is the SCOTT experience of more than eight years in building world's-record-breaking radio receivers. Claims are easily made—a Guarantee is something different! Which do you want—the hope that your receiver can deliver performance, or positive assurance that it will? Then send at once for all particulars about the radio known as "The World's Finest Receiver." E. H. SCOTT RADIO LABORATORIES, Inc. 4450 Ravenswood Ave., Dept. R.S.5, Chicago, III. Winning Praise Galore Here are just a few extracts from hundreds of letters of praise on file in my laboratories, which may be in- spected by anyone. "Your claims of lOkilocycle selectivity 100% correct,"' SGP,Ala. . . "Regarding tone, noth- ing could be finer," FW, Calif. . . . "Stations all the way from Berlin to Tokio and Australia," JBT, Conn. . . . "VK3ME, Melbourne, 10,500 miles from here, received each time on the air," CGB, Conn. . . . "Euro- pean stations as much 'at my finger tips' as ordinary locals," TPB, D. C. . . . "Listen to Madrid every night while eating dinner," WHB, Ind... "Seven year old son regularly receiv- ing RW59— VK2ME—VK3ME— » Vindicating All Claims EAQ—DJA—2RO—G5SW—Pon- toise and many more," CK, Maine. . .. "Madrid on short waves (direct) just as good as WAAB rebroadcasts it," JJO'C, Mass... "After so much untruthful advertising it is very grat- ifying to get a radio set that really does what is claimed for it,"CEMcK, Mo. . . "First station tuned in was VK2ME Australia. Boy, what a set!" LGD, N. J. . . "Triumphant vindi- cation of all claims you make for it; performance convinces me you have been extremely conservative in out- lining its potentialities," RD, N. Y. . ."Simply too wonderful for words," HCVS, So Africa. . . "Performance really wonderful," MC, Paris, France. These New Brochures Tell the "SCOTT SECRET" MAIL THIS COUPON NOW E. H. Scott Radio Laboratories, Inc. | 4450 Ravenswood Ave., Dept. R. S. 5, Chicago, UL Send me complete details about the Scott All-Wave' j DeLuxe Radio, explaining why this set Guarantees the • ■^jj performance that others only claim. | J5 Name 1 Address | Town State 3