Radio stars (May 1933)

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f you can make him say: (Joiii eyed. 1 ■ * * j . . . then you will have achieved that glorious state in which each heart throb is a prediction of greater happiness to come. It s easy to make your eyes say those won- derful things that only eyes can say. Frame your eyes with dark, long-appearing, luxuriant lashes and this new kind of en- chantment will instantly become yours. Millions of women know that the New Maybclline Eyelash Darkcncr is the one thoroughly satisfactory and safe preparation to use. Not a dye. Perfectly harmless. Tear- proof, non-smarting, easy to apply, and actu- ally stimulating to lash growth. Insist upon genuine New Maybclline, to make sure of obtaining a mascara that com- bincs all these advantages. Black or Brown. 75c at toilet goods counters everywhere. EYELASH DARKENER RADIO STARS YOUR RADIO FAVORITES REVEALED ALL IN THIS ISSUE You Can't Keep Him Down Curtis Mitchell 6 How Ed Wynn saved himself from oblivion Have You a Little Radio Star in Your Home? Harriet Mencken 8 The children on the air bring home the bacon in grand style How Long Will They Last? Wilson Brown 10 Amos 'n' Andy tell you the answer about themselves The Grand Romance of Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa Hilda Cole 12 A charming true love story which will delight you Let's Gossip About Your Favorites 14 The latest chit-chat and funny stories from the radio folk Seth Parker Goes to Sea James A. Ellswood, Jr. 18 PhiUips Lord gets ready to see the world — in his own way Through the Years with Eddie Cantor Edward R. Sammis 20 How it all began Backstage with Stoopnagle and Budd Ogden Mayer 22 See these two delightful idiots in action How Sherlock Holmes Got on the Air Caroline Somers Hoyt 25 The story of a woman author's fight for recognition Too Many Sweethearts Olive White 28 That's Lanny Ross' trouble. But it's not his fault Radio's Forgotten Men Robert Eichberg 29 A tribute to those behind the scenes who also serve Hard to Handle Danny Towne 33 Wayne King has a reputation for being temperamental. But is he? Marilou Dix's Spring Wardrobe Helen Hover 36 Interested in clothes? Then turn to this page Your Radio Corner Gordon Starrett 39 The latest improvements and quirks in radio sets RADIO STARS ALBUM Tommy McLauqhlin . 34 Harry Horlick 35 And also: The Man on the Cover, 17; All Around the Dial, 26; Intimate Shots of Your Favorites, 30. Editors: Ernest V. Heyn and Curtis Mitchell Associate Editor: K. Rowell Batten Art Editor: Abril Lamarque NEXT MONTH Stories never before told as we will tell them next month . . . the true story of why Al Jolson quit the air . . . the miracle of Norman Brokenshire's come-back . . . "John Henry's" sensational introduction to the broadcasting business . . . the inside story of Edwin C. Hill's "Inside Story" ... a smashing revelation of what big business does 1 to broadcasting called "Money, Money, Money!" . . . and the stirring tale of a girl's triumph, called "The Success Story of a Black Sheep." It's about Elsie Hitz, the girl with the magic voice. You'll thrill to it. Don't forget—all in the June issue of RADIO STARS, out May first. 4