Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS Have you a little RADIO STAR in your home? (Left) Alfred Price, who appears on the Horn and Hardart children's hour. (Above) These three girls appear on the Lady Next Door program over NBC. You must have heard them. If your child has any talent, WHEN you hear radio children on the air, do you think their reward is a lollypop or a big doll ? And what would you say if I told you that the leading radio youngsters add thousands of dollars to the family coffer? Wouldn't you like your offspring, or your little sister or brother, to be able to pay for her own music les- sons, and perhaps even buy you a lamp for the parlor table? For these youthful performers stack up enough gold pieces to pay off the mortgage, and perhaps buy Dad a set of golf sticks and Mother a new hat to boot! Of course, these times aren't what they used to be in the good old days not beyond recall when radio children were babies, and even these diminutive humans are not the weighty wage-earners they once were. But their small shoulders can still keep even the shadow of that wolf from the door. Winifred Toomey of the long, lovely blond curls, who is 12 years young, had displayed her talent in public at the tender age of 3. On this occasion Baby Winifred earned $5.00. And Winifred has already earned over $5,000 a year. One hundred dollars a week is the most bacon Goldylocks has ever brought to home sweet home in the ether pay envelope. The least is $15.00 for the same length of time. You can hear my little friend nearly each day via NBC on "The Lady Next Door" program, and whenever you find there is a little girl on "The Country Doctor" hour, or the "Lucky Strike" program, you may say to your neighbor, "That child is played by Winifred Toomey." Perhaps you remember that when "Toddy" and "Bon Ami" were on the air, you also heard Winifred. Winifred's salary goes to pay for her attractive dresses,