Radio stars (May 1933)

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STARS She was a hoofer when he met her. She had no idea how romantic a comedian could get—until she met him. So they married and she became his stooge (Left) Fred Allen, of the Unit Bath Club. (Above) Port- land Hoffa, his wife. Know how she got her name? By HILDA COLE THE day of which I write was ap- proximately five years ago. It was behind the scenes of "The Passing Show," a fleshy, flashy piece of rhinestone entertainment on pre-depression Broadway. It was one of those days on which stars have headaches, hoofers get runs in their stockings, and comedians look as full of joie de vivre as Egyptian mummies. It was a day on which a tall young man called Fred Allen, despondently leaning against a backdrop, con- sidered that life was pretty dull. Life . . . what was it but a bunch of old gags to make over, let down the hems, and pin onto new political problems. And the dear public ? What was the dear public but a bunch of people who sometimes laughed at gags but usually didn't. In short Fred was feeling what is colloquially known as "lousy." Very. Now, in case you haven't recognized the principal