Radio stars (May 1933)

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To identify these pictures, look for the number on the picture which corresponds with the number here. I. Ruth Newman, who is heard with the Cathedral Choir. 2. Meet Loretta Lee, the gal who supplies the words for George Hall's music. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Easy Aces settle acounts in a big way. 4. Vic and Sade, whose home life sketches come to you over the NBC waves every weeknight. 5. Meet Jim Hanvey, detecative hero of the Townsend Murder Mystery. His real name is Thurston Hall. 6. The Southernaires. N.B.C's negro quartet. Standing, Jay Toney. baritone, William Edmonson, bass. Sitting, Lowell Peters and Homer Smith, both tenors. 7. The Whiteman Rhythm boys. Left to right: Jimmy Noel, George McDonald, Ray Kulz and Al Dary. 8. Pic and Pat, getting a grasp on Tiny Ruffner—all of Captain Henry's Showboat.