Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS The boy wonder orchestra leader. Sherlock Holmes and the gal who writes his stuff. And others Culver Service John B. Kennedy (above), associate editor of Collier's Weekly, gives those interesting five- minute talks over NBC. He used to manage the Collier's Hour. He's never missed a broad- cast, and is everybody's friend around the studio. (Below) Leonard Hayton who leads the Chesterfield band. He's only twenty-five. Amos 'n' Andy a-hunting go, down on the Poto- mac. Left to right, Charles Cornell (Andy), Tom Ship, their host, and Freeman Gosder. (Below) The men who superintend the sound effects for the Eno Crime Club. The man on the left is clinking glasses together for speak- easy local color. So that's how!