Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS MARILOU DIX'S (Across this page from left to right) The first two pictures show what can be done about a suit. In the larger picture, Marilou has on a green checked tweed cape suit. In the smaller picture, you see the green wool box jacket which goes with the checked skirt. And the cape, of course, can serve with plain colored costumes, too. Next you see Marilou's spring coat dress. Dusty pink rough crepe, with a brown and pink plaided scarf and nice buttons. And next to that, a finely striped brown and white jersey. By HELEN HOVER THERE'S a lot of common sense inside the pretty red head of Marilou Dix. And her new spring wardrobe is a splendid fashion lesson to every girl who loves beautiful things but sees the shadow of a forbidding budget looming in the background. For. Marilou, even though she appears with Fred Allen on those Linit Bath Club sketches and is supposed to earn one of those fab- ulous radio salaries, has only a limited sum to spend on clothes, and it's not a very large one, either. But just look what she does with it! First of all, she got herself one of those dashing cape suits (see above). Capes are big news this spring, and this one of green checked tweed with its matching skirt has the notched lapels that give it tailored chic. With it she wears an eggshell satin blouse with a brown crepe tie, and brown accessories. How to combine individuality, glamor and budget that's none too big! 36