Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS SPRING WARDROBE (Across this page from left to right) The largest picture shows a costume in good old reliable black and white. The jacket is wide-wale corduroy pique. Aren't the bell buttons amus- ing? Next is Marilou's spring coat. Dull apricot, in a soft wool. With it, she can wear her fox fur and black accessories or a brown galyak scarf and brown accessories. Then, Marilou chooses a diagonal striped silk, clever- ly bias cut for slimness. And the small- est picture shows the cut-out straw- fabric hat she wear's with it. And now look at the smart jacket next to it. It's a green wool box jacket and Marilou wears it in place of the cape on occasions. The same accessories go with cape and jacket. She also wears her swagger cape over solid color sport clothes, or other skirts of a harmonizing color. The way various jackets and skirts can be combined to make several attractive suits is as interesting as work- ing out a jigsaw puzzle, only loads more practical. THE short unlined jacket of white corduroy pique (a new heavy wide-waled pique which resembles cordu- roy) with the amusing silver bell buttons and double row of military pockets is very young in its snug, pliable fit. And do you know—she can wear it either as a blouse (the way it's pictured) or as a (Continued on page 49) Radioland's Marilou Dix knows how. And tells you in this article 37