Radio stars (May 1933)

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RADIO STARS YOUR RADIO CORNER (Across top of page, left to right) I. A set which has 20 tubes. 2. The Triolian. 3. The Radio Chest model — with Vibro-Power. 4. Back view of the Triolian. 5. A 10-tube super- heterodyne, Tonalite Control. Read about them in the story. (Left) Gene and Glenn, of good old Cleveland, with the midget set which they carry with them everywhere they go. Yes, just like Mary and the little lamb. Midget sets can now be had for around fifteen dollars or less. And they work beautifully. Progress on radio sets marches on. Read about the new improvements By CO STAR WHEN your 1920 model Wheezer begins its nightly cracking, and your idols of the air sound like a couple of wakeful felines discussing tech- nocracy, it may be that your ears are holding out on you—yet more probably, it's the insides of the box behind the dials. Radio Stars this month begins Your Radio Corner, presenting tips on what's new in radio models and mechanical improvements which will help your reception. Radio manufacturers have promised to keep Radio Stars informed on all their new trinkets and improve- ments. If your set is" sickly, here you may find just the medicine it needs. RCA Victor Company, 411 Fifth Avenue, New York, for example, made a big stride in radio development when a system of simplifying the accurate operation of the radio controls by means of variable colored lights was realized. Tonalite Control is the name of the new tuning system. It consists of four separate controls. There is a Visual Tuning Indicator, an illuminated scale over the usual tuning dial. As a station is tuned in, a needle swings back and forth, and at maximum swing indicates that the receiver is in exact resonance with the station; sec- ondly, there is a tone control that differs from all others in that it controls the bass notes as well as the high notes, and by means of a colored, illuminated band above it. RDON RETT permits the listener to determine the ex- act amount of tone shading required; thirdly, an illuminated Tonalite indicator is added to the standard volume control, and as the volume is increased a colored light rises in the opening above; and the fourth feature is an improved noise suppressor control which is also equipped with a Tonalite indicator reducing between- station noises when tuning in the receiver. Doesn't that sound inviting? THE Crosley Radio Corporation, the Cincinnati firm operating the powerful and popular WLW, makes a miniature set which is one of the favorites of Gene and Glenn, Cleveland's contribution to broadcasting. Every- where these two stars go, their miniature set goes, too. 'cause Gene and Glenn won't miss their entertainment. This small set is one of the many miniatures which have taken the country by storm. Such sets were first priced at around $25, but now they're down in the neighborhood of from $13 to $17.50. The later models have dynamic speakers which is a big step in tone production. One of the radio sensations of 1933, according to the Transformer Corporation of America, Ogden and Keeler Avenues. Chicago, is the new fourteen tube superhete- rodyne Clarion, priced low, with the government tax on the house. Should you want a (Continued on page 42) S9