Radio stars (June 1933)

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RADIO STARS Rudy Vallee, Ed Wynn, Fred Waring, Tommy McLaughlin and Morton Downey—in photo flashes from here and there Wide World (Above) Skiis don't even make Rudy feel self- conscious. And they wouldn't you, either, if you'd been born and brought up amidst the snows of Maine. It can get awfully cold up there. (Below) Two irishmen — Tommy Mc- Laughlin and Morton Downey — can't resist getting next to the Irish national emblem. Wide World (Above) How would you like Ed Wynn to put out the fire in your house? You would, would you! Well, you evidently don't have much re- spect for your property. Ed's getting so he simply can't resist a firetruck. (Below) On the previous page you saw Tommy Waring. Well, here's brother Fred, leading his orchestra.