Radio stars (June 1933)

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With Lyda Rober+i in "The Kid from Spain." How success turned out to be a boomerang for Eddie... His Ziegfeld years... Learning to say uno" . . . That passion of his to live in the country and where it got him By EDWARD R. SAMMIS white spectacles, white lips and white gloves that had become tradition, talking now Bronx, now Oxford English, but never using darky dialect, and never, be it said to his credit, singing a mammy song. AND he learned to use his eyes. Most comedians have some feature which is their trade mark — Chevalier's lower lip, Durante's nose, Ed Wynn's silly-ass grin. The rolling, bulging, expressive eyes are Cantor's trademark. He first used them to advantage in one of his early Ziegfeld shows singing a little number called : "That's the kind of a baby for me." An innocent enough song, you would think, if you heard it over the radio. But Eddie put in unsuspected meanings with those eyes. And the eyes had it. The song was a panic. He used to sing nine and ten encores of it night after night before they would let him go. Eddie was one of the first (Continued on page 42) 23