Radio stars (June 1933)

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To identify these pictures, look for the number on the picture which corresponds with the number here. I. Tom Howard, of NBC's Musical Grocery Store program, takes a couple of orders. 2. John P. Medbury, Hollywood's pet humorist, came East to add his quips to Fred Waring's music for Columbia's Old Gold program. 3. Attractive James Melton — now doing a series of triweekly song recitals on NBC. 4. Josef Lhevinne, world famous pianist. If you like the best, you can hear him Thursdays at I 1 :30 p. m. on NBC. 5. Tiny Welcome Lewis of the deep, deep contralto. She does her stuff for NBC on Sunday, Monday and Friday evenings. 6. Raymond Knight, in the role of Editor Billy Batchelor of the Wheatenaville News (NBC) is coaching his adopted twins, Peter (Bobby Jordan) and Pan (Florence Halop) in the newspaper game. 7. Tony Wons is so crazy about jigsaw puzzles that he makes 'em as well as solves 'em. 8. Irma Glen, lovely organist of NBC's Chicago studio, having fun while it lasted. 27