Radio stars (June 1933)

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RADIO STARS Local boys flop in home town —make good in big city . . . How do Amos V Andy do it? .. .The saxophonists who don't play saxophones . . . (Left) Vic and Sade are giving Rush a lively time—with the help of the whisk broom. Vic's real name is Art Van Harvey. Sade's is Bernadine Flynn. And Rush's is Billy Idelson. (Below) Lawrence Tibbett in the title role of "Emperor Jones"— the modern opera which made such a sensation both at the opera and over the air. (Below, left) Meet Borrah Minnevitch and his Har- monica Rascals. You can hear them Friday and Sunday evenings. (Op- posite page, nearest picture) Pro- fessor Jack McLallen, Sara and Sassafrass are the latest comedians to join the NBC ranks. They're heard Tuesday and Thursday eve- nings. (Farthest picture, opposite page) Jeannie Lang, Vivian Hart and Ann Leaf are all small enough to stand under the outstretched arms of William Hall and William O'Neal. All of them are singers ex- cept, as you probably know, Miss Leaf. She's an organist.