Radio stars (June 1933)

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f HELLO, EVERYBODY If you possess natural talent, you can be trained to enter Broadcasting as an: Announcer Singer Actor Musical Director Program Manager Sales Manager Advertising Publicity Musician Reader Writer Director or any other field of Broadcasting Excellent opportunities in Broadcasting are open to talented men and women after they have mastered the technique of radio presentation. Read below how you can prepare yourself for your share in Broadcasting. Let FLOYD GIBBONS train you for a Broadcasting career HAVE you an idea for a radio program? Can you describe things? Have you a Radio voice? Are you musically inclined? Have you the ability to write humor, dramatic sketches, playlets, adver- tising? Can you sell? If you can do any of these things— Broadcasting needs you! Last year alone, more than $35,000,000 was expended for talent before the micro- phone to entertain and educate the Ameri- can people. The estimated number of an- nouncers, speakers, musicians, actors, etc., who perform yearly at the 600 or more American Broadcasting Stations is well over 300,000 persons. The Fastest Growing Medium in the World The biggest advertisers in the country recognize the business strength of Broad- casting. They rely on it more and more for publicity, promotion and sales work. They are seeking new ideas, new talent every day. If you are good at thinking up ideas; if your voice shows promise for announcing or singing; if you can play an instrument; if you can sell or write; if you possess hidden talents that could be turned to profitable broadcasting purposes, you can qualify for a job inside or outside of the Studio. Let Floyd Gibbons show you how to capitalize your hidden talents! Xo matter how much latent ability you possess—it is useless in Radio unless you know the technique of Broadcastins. Unless you know how to get a try-out. How to confront the microphone. How to lend color, personality, sincerity and clearness to your voice. Merely the ability to sing is not suffi- cient. It must be coupled with the art of knowing how to get the most out of your voice for broadcasting purposes. Merely the knack of knowing how to write will not bring success as a radio dramatist. You must be familiar with the limitations of the microphone, and know how to adapt your stories for effective radio presentation. It is not enough to have a good voice, to be able to describe things, to know how to sell. Broadcasting presents very definite problems, and any talent, no matter how great, must be adapted to fit the special requirements for successful broadcasting. The Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcast- ing shows you how to solve every radio problem from the standpoint of the broad- caster. Floyd Gibbons, one of America's foremost broadcasters, has developed a unique method for training men and women at home for this fascinating work. This home-study course offers you a complete training in every phase of actual broadcast- ing. Now you can profit by Floyd Gibbons' years of experience in Radio. You can de- velop your talents right at home in your spare time under his guidance, and acquire the technique that makes Radio stars. Out of obscure places are coming the future Amos and Andys, Graham MacXamees, Rudy Val- lees, Olive Palmers and Floyd Gibbonses whose yearly earnings will be enormous. Unlimited Opportunities for Men and Women Men are needed to do special broadcasting of all kinds: Descriptive broadcasting of political events, banquets, football games. boxing, wrestling, baseball and hundreds of other occasions of ) a similar nature. A Complete Course in Radio Broadcasting By FLOYD GIBBONS A few of the subjects covered are: Micro- phone Technique, How to Control the Voice and Make It Expressive, How to Train a Singing Voice for Broadcasting, the Knack of Describing, How to Write Radio Plays, Radio Dialogue, Dramatic Broadcasts, Mak- ing the Audience Laugh, How to Arrange Daily Programs, Money Making Opportu- nities Inside and Outside the Studio, and dozens of other subjects. Booklet Sent Free An interesting booklet entitled "How to Find Your Place in Broadcasting," tells you the whole fascinating story of the Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting and de- scribes fully the training offered in our Home Study Course. Here is your chance to enter a life-long profession—to fill an important role in one of the most glamorous, powerful industries in the world. Send for "How to Find Your Place in Broadcasting" today. See for yourself how complete and practical the Floyd Gibbons Course i Broadcasting is. Act now— send coupon below today Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting, Dept. 3F37 U. S. Savings Bank Buildinc. 2000 14th Street, N. W.. Washington, D. C. Women, too, have found Broadcasting a profitable new field of endeavor. Broadcasting Stations are always interested in a woman who can present a well prepared program devoted to domestic science, interior deco- rating, etiquette, child welfare, styles, beauty and home mak- ing. Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting, Dept. 3F37. U. S. Savings Bank Building, 2000 14th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Without obligation send me your free booklet "How to Find Your Place in Broadcasting," and full particu- lars of your home study course. Name (Please print Address trite name plainly) Age