Radio stars (July 1933)

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RADIO STARS ™ty ™ E SC0TT 1c RADIO delivers such Clear, Consistent Year Round WOR LDWIDE RECEP TION Beautiful in its chrom- ium-plated finish, the Scott All.Wave DeLuxe is as capable as it looks. Embody- ing every worthy scientific improvement, such as auto- matic volume control, visual tuning, static suppressor, etc, it is a marvel of care- ful custom building to most exacting laboratory stand- ards of perfecdoa This recover is the crowning achievement of my eight years experience building worlds- record-breaking superhetero- dyne receivers. I have no hesitancy in backing it with the strongest guarantee ever placed on a radio. Each day come new letters of enthu- siastic praise from owners of SCOTT All-Wave DeLuxe Radios. Here are excerpts from a few late ones—on file at ',ey Said It Couldn't Be Done .but I GUARANTEE It! SCOTT All-Wave DeLuxe owners are more enthusiastic over their re- ceivers than most radio listeners—why not?—they have more to be pleased FOREIGN STATIONS LIKE LOCALS j FRANCE — I ENGLAND the Scott Laboratories for inspection by any one. "Rome, England, Germany and Spain come in very good — more than pleased with set — tone is superb," RPH, GERMANY Conn. "Best radio I have ever owned—ptice very reasonable for what it is and will do—have logged Rome, England, France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Australia," OSJ, Conn. "VK3ME, IN DO-CHINA Australia, every time they are on the air—clarity of tone and volume like local," CGB, Conn. "European stations as much 'at my finger tips' as locals," TPB, D. C "England so that it can be heard all over house - AUSTRALIA The thrill of tuning in foreign short wave stations, as far as 10,000 miles distant, clearly with full loudspeaker volume, consistently the year 'round . . . plus perfect reception of literally everything on the regular broad- cast band on the North American continent! For years a dream . . . scoffed at as "impossible" by many so-called "experts" even today . . . yet the Scott All-Wave DeLuxe Radio actually does it—not only in occasional test cases, but regu- larly—for every owner—under the broadest, soundest guarantee ever placed on a radio set If you would like to know more about such a sensationally performing record- breaking radio . . . send for complete details, including PROOFS. If you plan to visit Chicago's . A CENTURY OF PROGRESS be sure to come and inspect our Laboratories to see and to hear these marvelous receivers. over! "Never owned or heard a better, clearer or purer-toned receiver, and this is my 13th all-electric set," RCS,Texas ... "France, Italy, Russia and China with very ECUADOR powerful loudspeaker volume," EB, Indo- China . . . "Get as far afield as England," GAH, Australia . . ."Moscow, South America and Pittsburgh fine," EAQ Alaska ... "U.S. A, ARGENTINE Canada, Austalia, Japan, Indo-China, Siberia, Mexico, France whenever they are on the air," JTM, Hawaii. These and hundreds of other like letters may be seen in our files at any time upon request TTlad Gupon NOW also Paris and Rome—on grounded 25-foot aerial," WCD, N. J. "Congratulations on a receiver of such extreme sensitivity. Marvelous tone quality." JES, 11L,— commer- cial manager of a great broadcasting station—Reception and recording on phonograph records of every program from VK2ME and VK3ME for an entire year accomplished by Mr. Scott under home reception conditions in Chicago. E. H. SCOTT RADIO LABORATORIES, INC. US* HAVENSWOOO AVENUE D*pt. R S. 73 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS F- H. SCOTT RADIO LABORATORIES. INC 4450 lUvenswoori Ave-.. Dept. R.S. 73. Chicago. UL Send me complect details regarding the SCOTT All-Wavi Di Lltw Ramo, ■eluding technical data, performance PROOFS, and price cruoratiotu. Radio Stars jxihlishetl monthly and copyrighted, 19.i.(. by Dell Publishing Co., Inc. Office of publ Kxecutive and editorial offices. 100 Fifth Avenue. New York. N. Y. C.enrge T. Ddacorte It No. 4, July, 19J.4, printed in V. S. A. Single copy price 10 cents. Subscription price in the Ul year. Foreign subscriptions $2.21) a year. Entered as second class matter AngttSl S, l u .{J. at the PoS The publisher accepts no responsibility for the return of ion at Washington and South Avenues Dunellen. N. J. 5.J II Meyer. Vice Pres.; M. Delacorte, Sect y. Vol. 2. I States $1.20 a vear. Canadian suhscriptions $1 50 a flice at Dunellen, N. J., under the act of March 3, 1879. dicited material. j