Radio stars (July 1933)

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R*j\ DIP S T A Y OfU R RADIO FAVORITES R E V E A ALL IN THIS ISSUE The Real Truth About the Winchell-Bernie Feud Curtis Mitchell The inside story of Winchells "hate" for the old Maestro Come to a Party with Burns and Allen May Cerf Oh. how those radio stars entertain See for yourself Microphone Magic (Illustrated by Jack Welch) Peter Dixon What happens when two greenhorns try to crash the radio field The Music of Love James G. Little The delightful story of how Lee Sims and llomay Bailey met Let's Gossip About Your Favorites Latest news and chit-chat of the radio folk Backstage at a Broadcast Ogden Mayer Come and see what makes the "Moonshine and Honeysuckle" program tick The Story of Cheerio Anne Porter West The amazing story of a man who actually wants to do good — and pay for it What About the Kids? Wilson Brown Should or should not certain programs be stifled —because of the children'^ Grand Slam in Hearts. . Peggy Wells The romance of Goodman Ace and Mrs. Ace She Defied the World Bland Mulholland Fanny Brice has known such tragedy that she was nearly crushed Radio's Gentleman Adventurer Donald Copper Become a radio announcer and see the world Through the Years with Eddie Cantor Edward R. Sammis How Eddie recouped his lost fortune Music on Parade Hal Rogers About the boys who lead the orchestras Your Radio Corner All about the newest radio set w RADIO STARS ALBUM Pat Kennedy Gordon Starrett 28 Lee Wiley 29 And also: The Clowns on the Cover, 5; Intimate Shots of Your Favorites, 18; All Around the Dial. 26. Editors: Ernest V. Heyn and Curtis Mitchell Associate Editor: K. Rowell Batten Art Editor: Abril Lamarque NEXT MONTH You'll be thrilled by a story which tells the complete inside of the Rudy Vallee- Fay Webb separation. It's all there—every bit. From the very day they had their first post-wedding misunderstanding. Then, from break-ups to happy marriages, there is the charming love story of Jack Benny and Mary Living- ston. The romance of it will delight you. And there'll be the story of "The Voice of Experience." This story, with many delightful surprises, tells of one man's amazing way of helping folks who are in distress. Then, a touch of humor. The hilarious mistakes made by people who, when they're broadcasting, actu- ally forget they're talking into a microphone and say things they shouldn't. There will also be some grand recipes from the Mystery Chef himself—that' radio whiz of the art of cooking. Remember these and also lots of other stories in our next issue. And also, of course, our regular departments and loads and loads of gorgeous pictures of the ether stars.