Radio stars (July 1933)

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RADIO STARS lt'was an unconventional tiling to do. but Peggy and Pat were performers horn and while they scorned certain con- ventions, they didn't scorn the decencies. And if you had met Pat and received one of those long, straight looks of his you wouldn't have worried about Peggy. And now'here they were in the capital of radio. New York City, and in the very center of things. They had tossed a coin to decide l>etween Columbia and NHC and NBC was the choice. If nothing happened at National, that left another chance at the CBS studios. The elevator oj)erator suggested the thirteenth floor of the building when they told him they wanted to see some one about broadcasting. He assumed that they had a period on the air and were not two more seekers of auditions. So up they went to the thirteenth floor.