Radio stars (July 1933)

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RADIO STARS BACKSTAGE AT The Moonshine and Honeysuckle Program OCDEN MAYER N() visitors !" That is the sign they hang on the door of Studio I) when "Moonshine and Honeysuckle" goes on die air. But we arc going in. In, get it? You and your back- stage reporter and the rest of the gang. We are going to sec Clem and Pink and Cracker and a houn'-dawg called Hones. We are going to live through a studio ex- plosion, an avalanche and thirty minutes of hill-billy liijink>. Come on! Shove that door, sonny. Stand hack, page. We are from Radio Stars and we've got the right-of- way. Studio D is one of NBC's smaller chambers. About the size of a three-car garage. "The Country Doctor" is another program that used it all last winter. They bad (Left) Lulu Vollmer, Antony Stanford and Ann Elstner. (Below) Ann Elstner, Louis Ma- son and Sara Haden. (Right) Stanford, Ben Lackland (David), Theresa Whittler (Gypsy), Louis Mason (Clem), Ann Elstner (Cracker), Brad- ley Barker (Len Boyd and "Bones") and Sara Haden (Piney). Seated, Lulu Voll- mer and Robert Strauss. Are these y'ah mountinyears real or are they jist them actor folk?