Radio stars (July 1933)

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To identify these pictures look tor the number on the picture which corresponds with the number here. I. Frank Libuse, "Colonel of American Nuts," Dorothy Rea and two members of the Colonel's orchestra from Chicago's College Inn and WENR sampling some three point two. 2. Dolores Gillen whom you hear as Alice Dudley in the "Northwestern Chronicle" series over NBC. 3. Mrs. Pennyfeather of NBC's "Cuckoo Hour." (Culver Photo.) 4. Working on the new 500,000 watt antenna tower for WLW, Crosley Station. 5. Charles Coburn and Elizabeth Love and others in the cast of "Roses and Drums." (Culver Photo.) 6. Paul Wing, NBC Story Man. 7. "Babs" Bubbles whom you hear with the Waring's Pennsylvanians and also with John P. Medbury. 8. J. L Van Volkenburg, executive; Ann Walsh, home economics expert; Dorie Shumate, soloist, and Ruth Hulse Nelson, organist—all of KMOX. 9. WLW's Puddle Family living up to their name. Must be a big puddle, don't you think? 10. George Gershwin, of "Rhapsody in Blue" fame and orchestra leader Leo Reisman, formerly of the Pond's Program. 27