Radio stars (July 1933)

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The Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting offers you a com plete training in every phase of actual Broadcasting. It gives you the benefit of Floyd Gibbons' years of experience in Broadcasting. Under hi- guidance you can acquire, right at home in ycur spare time, the technique that makes highly paid Broad casting Stars. Positions often paying from (3,00(1 to (15,000 a year, are open to talented men and women who have mastered (lie technique of radio presentation: Announcer Advertising Singer Publicity Actor Dramatist Header Musician Writer Director Musical Director Script Writer Program Manager Bales Manager Read how yon, too. can prepare yourself for your share in Broad - Broadcasting success. The Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting has changed all that. It was founded to bring to every talented man or woman the type of training that has made fortunes for the Graham MacNamees, Amos and Andys. Olive Palmers and Floyd Gibbonses. Now, through this new. fascinating home- study Course you get a complete and thorough training in the technique of all branches of Broadcasting. In your spare time—right in your own home—without giving up your pres- ent job or making a single sacrifice of any kind—through this remarkable Course you can train for the big-paying Broadcasting position you have dreamed of. FLOYD GIBBONS Complete Course in Broadcasting Technique Biggest Opportunities in Broadcasting No other industry today offers you as many opportunities for quick success and high pay as Broadcasting. For no other industry is growing at such an amazing rate of speed. Thousands of men and women of talent and training are needed—and are highly paid ac- cording to their ability and popularity. Last vear advertisers alone spent more than $35,000,000 over the air. Broadcasting companies spent many more millions for talent. This year it is predicted that the amount spent for Broadcasting will be even more than this staggering total. Many more men and women will be employed. Think of what this means to you ! Think of the chance this eives you to get into this thrilling young industry. Think of the op- portunities it offers you to get your share cf these millions ing. If OVD (ilBBONS Radio Broadcast?! New Talent Needed This year hundreds more talented men and women will make their bow over the '•mike." N'cw personalities will be heard —new stars will rise to the heights and sway millions—new for- tunes will be made for those who are fortunate enough to be trained in Broadcasting technique.^ these—if you have talent and the necessary train- promise, if you ca thinking up ideas, if you have any hidden talent at all—then let the Floyd Gibbons Course show you how to train successfully for Broadcasting fame and fortune. Remember—talent alone is not enough. No matter how talented you are. that does not mean you will be successful in Broad- casting—unless you have a thorough knowl- edge of the technique of Broadcasting. Many a famous stage star or playwright has failed when brought face to face with the limita- tions of the microphone—while others, to- tally unheard of before, have sprung to fame almost overnight, because they grasped the teehnioue. Until recently it was difficult for the aver- age person to get this necessary training for Send for FREE Booklet Kind Vour Place in Broadcasting" tells you the whole fa cinating st"rv of the Klovd Gibbons School of Broadcasting and describes fully the training offered by our Home Study Course. Here is your chance to enter a lifelon; richly paid profession -to qualify for an inqiortant role in cne of the most glamorous, powerful indus tries in the world. Send today for your free copy of "How to Kind Your Place in Broadcast- ing." 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