Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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v/MuiO/i M M last New Year" (ft it Mfum/fL, We, the editors, of RADIO STARS have re- solved to abandon that quaint, old-fashioned quality known as modesty and blow our own horn (a five-and-ten-cent trifle left over from last New Year's Eve). Stunt that one month from today the dime you spent (or one just like it) for this copy of RADIO STARS will purchase exactly twice as much as included in this issue • • • that, beginning with our October number on sale September first, RADIO STARS will give you 100 pages instead of 50 • • • that it will in- clude a log of all American and Canadian stations, plus the most complete and trouble- proof program service that our sweaty- browed trouble-shooters can devise • • • that our what's-on-the-air department will be the response to a maiden's prayers • • • that our wondrous wise and witty Answer Man will undertake to answer all your questions monthly regarding network personalities. beginning next month, RADIO STARS ofFers broadcasting's only comp/efe magazine. More stories of the stars than ever before, a complete station log, a reliable program service. Baby can teeth on it, puppy can chew on it, it will make mother-in-law forget all about what time Henry got home from the lodge last week. And you—say, you'll adore it. Remember, it goes on sale September first.