Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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R#A D I P S T A lUS —L—D ' / YO/UR RADIO FAVORITES REVEAfLED ALL IN THIS ISSUE The Street Singer's Romance Revealed John Skinner The beautiful love story of that wandering minstrel, Arthur Tracy B. A. Bounces Back! Helen Hover B A Rolfe was slipping. But he wasn't too proud to try again Understanding Jeannie Lang Donald Copper You'll be surprised to learn what a wise and determined little person she is The Things They'd Like to Forget Dora Albert Hitherto buried sorrows and regrets in the lives of the radio stars Let's Gossip About Your Favorites Sprightly chatter about the famous folk of radio Little Jack Little's Secret Jean Pelletier Why Little Jack turned from a Broadway playboy to a hard-working young ml Jane Froman's Early Fall Wardrobe Helen Hover This charming girl knows clothes. And tells you some of her secrets Backstage at a Broadcast. Come along to Bob Taplinger'a Ogden Mayer 'Meet the Artist" program Sherlock Holmes Unmasked Everetta Love Richard Gordon as he really is when off duty She Dared to Have a Career Katharine Keyes yfrs Barton of General Foods answers that "children versus career" question Meet the Barn Dancers! Wilson Brown They're jolly people — and their old-time fiddlin' is grand! The Mystery Chef Speaks for Himself More invaluable cooking hints from radio's culinary expert Microphone Magic (Illustrated by Jack Welch), Peter Dixon Is success worth that pain and bitterness, after alt? So This Is Harris Walter Ramsey Our Hollywood correspondent gives you the lowdown on the handsome Phil The Band Box Danny Towne The latest news about the baton boys A 7 8 10 12 16 18 20 23 24 25 35 36 38 39 RADIO STARS ALBUM Phil Baker 30 Mary Eastman Ted Bergman 31 Lou Holtz Three Shades of Indigo 34 And also: All Around the Dial, 26; Intimate Pictures of Your Favorites, 28 Editors: Ernest V. Heyn and Curtis Mitchell Associate Editor: Mary Burgum Art Editor: Abril Lamarque WATCH FOR— The big double-size RADIO STARS on sale the first day of next month and thereafter. Also, a story about the Goldbergs . . . Rubinoff . . . and "Off the Air!"—an exciting article about the sexy song lyrics and blue jokes that broadcasters blue-pencil out of their air shows . . . and heaps of other surprising new departments and features. Radio Stars published munthly and copyriRhted. 1933, by Dell Publishing Co.. Inc. Office of publication at WashinRlon and South Avenues, Duncllen. N. I K-xecutive and editorial office-, 100 Fifth Avenue. New York, N. Y. George T. Delacorte, Jr., Pres.; H. Meyer, Vice Pres.; .M. DeKicorte, Sect'y. Vol. 2. 6, September, 1933, printed in I', S. A. Single copy price 10 cents. Subscription price in the I'nited States $1.20 a year. Canadian subscriptions, $1.50 a year. Foreign subscriptions $2.20 a year. Entered as second class matter August S, 1932, at the Post Office at Dunellen, N. J., under the act of March 3, 1«79. The publisher accepts no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. 3