Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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T H E STREET SINGER'S ROMANCE REVEALED FAK up in the Maine woocis the y(mn^ tenor lay l)ack (jn the springy carpet of hrown pine needles and stared at the vagrant lacy designs which the swaying branches made on the sky. Life could be so beautiful, he thought, if only he were successful, if only she were not married to another . . . but what was the use of going all over that again ? Because the woman he wanted so much was not for him, he must go away. He must never see her again. It would be hard to fight the world with- out her encouragement and sym])athy. He closed his eyes and hummed a tune to which the wind in the j)ines whispered a sad obligato. He started slightly at the touch of a cool hand on his forehead. ".Arthur." said a soft voice. For a moment he dared not look. He feared the pain of gazing again into those deep blue eyes, of followijig the wistful curves of h])'- which coulfl not be his. "What have vou been avoiding me for, .Arthur '\'rM\''" The singer .sat up and ran his fingers through his wavy hair. "I've got to go away. Bea- trice." "Why:'" "I'm wasting my time up here at this summer resort. Be- .sides. I'm dreaming too much about you." They and walked along the pine- cloi.stered path. "But Arthur." she protested, "I want to be a part of your dreams." "We've gone all over that. Beatrice. You know how futile it is." I'reoccui)ie(l, they failed to notice the thunder- clouds which rose menacingly from the horizon.