Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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Their love seemed hopeless, at first. And the Street Singer's career—that wasn't very bright at the time. But faith and loyalty and per- severance can work wonders . . . K I N feature taken excl for RADIO STARS by Wide World "When we reach the fork in the road." said Arthur, "we separate our paths of life. You Vmust go your way and I mine." Silent under the heavy burden on their hearts, they remained quite unconscious of the coming rain. Even had they noticed it, they could not have known how prophetic it was of the stormy days of their ro- mance, the days in which the then un- known tenor became the Street Sinfjer, and of the peace they finally found in one an- other's arms. The woods darkened as the impatient clouds hurried across the skv. There were fitful flashes of lightning as the rumble of thunder sharpened its note. "Come on," said the singer, "let's run for it." AS they emerged from the woods, drops of rain the size of half dollars plopj)ed in the dust of the country road. They quickened their pace and Tracy slipped off his coat, swinging it over the girl's shoulders. She pointed to a little weather-beaten shack a few hundred feet away. The moment they gained the interior of the deserted shantv, a bolt of lightning cracked down on the road where thev had stood a moment before, and she threw her arms about him. They stood there, silent, as the torm settled down to a steady beat of rain. "If you go." she asked suddenly, "where are you going?" "Xew V'ork." "Then I'm going with you. " "You can't. Beatrice."