Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS YOUR FAVORITES HIGHER UPS-COME AND GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT! ordered the program cancelled. However, nobody re- membered to tell Lopez. So Vincent played gaily into a dead mike and pulled his "Lopez speaking" without a syllable of it getting beyond the studio's four walls. Odds and KNDS: Microphone No. 13 at the CBS New York headquarters has never failed. It has been used by Alfred Smith, Charles Lindbergh and John W. Davis . . . Irvin Cobb is probably the only radio artist who is a Chevalier of France's Legion of Honor . . . the Boswell Sisters have followed Morton Downey to London for vaudeville dates . . . and Duke Ellington's band is knocking them on their ears in England. Johnny MARVIN has a problem. He wants to take out a passport for visiting Europe and the govern- ment demands that he give his birthplace. Which is just what Johnny cannot do. You see, he was born in a covered wagon trekking the trail to Indian Territory and his parents don't remember whether they were in Missouri. Kansas, or Oklahoma. If the Sisters of the Skillet hadn't been able to swim, there'd have been no Sisters of the Skillet. Twelve years ago, so they tell us, a woman screamed in the water off the beach at Michigan City, Indiana. Two men rushed into the lake, swam to her aid, and towed her ashore. Then the rescuers took a look at each other and introduced themselves. That was the first meeting of Eddie East and Ralph Dumpke, the famous Sisters of today's broadcasts. AAaRY EASTMAN, CBS's high-toned canary, likes to raise flowers. Accordingly, in the early spring she planted them all around her country home. A nephew of hers with Marx Brothers ideas came along one night, dug up all her bulbs and planted vegetables. Mary swears that, if she catches him, she'll make him eat all the spin- ach that is growing in her nasturtium bed. Were you listening the night Phil Cook turned uj) at the studio with a cold? Phil is the man, you know, who plays a dozen different characters himself. A sort of one-man show. Well, when he got hoarse, it naturally made all twelve of his characters hoarse. What to do about it had the NBC executives in a pother. Phil settled it all by rewriting his show so that there was a big e])i- demic of colds in his radio town. Which permitted all his characters to sneeze and sniffle as much as they pleased. Did you know THAT: Annette Hanshaw of the Show Boat program is a swell cook? And that she can't read a note of music ? . . . That Don X'oorhees. leader of the Show Boat orchestra, has four dogs, all Scotties? . . . That Tiney Ruffne'r, the announcer and Captain Henry's advance man. is seven inches more than six feet tall ? . . . That Charley Winninger's father was the discoverer of Houdini? NA/hEN Old Gold's jirogram presented a Magnolia as its comedy character several months ago there was a lot of confusion. You see, Fanny Mae Baldridge had written a number of sketches with a Mammy Mag- nolia in them. Many fans thought this Magnolia was the one employed by Old Gold. NBC protested. Miss Bald- ridge protested, and the original Magnolia protested. As a result, Old Gold's Magnolia became Mandy Lou, but now we have news that the original Mammy Mag- nolia is coming back to the air over station KYW in Chicago. LOT of people have wondered about Franklin Bens, the sensational tenor at station \\ LW in Cincinnati. Is he old? Is he young? Is he middle-aged? For your