Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS • • LITTLE JACK lea BKC'.AL'SI- ! dislike 1,. tell v siiiircr, ttindainc'iiralh a hue a notinis. unnatural (.'xi^trne this story of Little jack Little t( was his listeners, ]iarticnlar]\ one for his rehai)ilitatioii. it is onlv tar what I am about to write 'J'he sun was ])eei)nii: beiiii^nlx ovi'r tin east when Little Jack Little donned his ]>\janias and (h"0])pe(i wearilv into bed. \ dull sont; pounded throu his tudflled brain. "Three hours to sleep, tlien yei up in thai a tjreai /ouiii: man. onei . 1 best I ate to revi \-ou Kui becaus( who were rcsiHinsil that von should km the t\ niL;hls you spend alotii,' Hroad\va\ .\i o tired toda\ von won't be able to work suii: restlt Three hours ti s slumbe: slei'i By JEAN P E L L E T I E R Out on an Iowa farm, a delicate little old la<l\. w hair as smooth as the cornsilk that waved over her tiel was alreadv astir, sins^ini: at hei early mormiiij duties l-;\- rb.e tini she was w iimii; the break l;is dishes atid putting; them a\\a\ m the shelves bet Lileamin: kitchen, slie was olaneniL' evei few minutes at the clock Su<i dei)lv sh<' .stopped her sin^jni!.' anc a frown lined her lace She um; dered if Little Jack's cold wet better this mornin<:. ( )r was i somethin.!.: more than a cold' old lauehiiii: si>ini nf hi stran.treh absen; Thai was The sun had climlu'd hitrher ni the sky and was beaming' down on the millions hurr\nK' throui;b tb( canvons df New Ndrk to tiieir offices Little jack Little stirred in his slec]) and i)ushed awa\- the hand that was shakinjj him "Jack. Jack. (iet fip. ^'ou have just a half hour to <^v\ to the studios." The sinirer raised himself slov\- ly on one hand and rubbed his eyes with the f)ther "Mub' \'\'hat? Oh. all ri,<rht. I'm .^ettin.i; U|)." H( donnerl his robe and shuffled into the batiiroom "Tea." he demanded ( lea is bis wifei, "where's the asi)irin ' His wife handed him the botth from the shelf directly in front o) him He filled a i^lass with water and swallr)we<l two tablets K'ub bin^; his chin, he jjazed ,tl him-el t in the mirror. .\ pair of bea\\ lidded eyes were starin;:; f^'lassilv hack at him "Damn." he said. "( )h. damn T l .A leaned a.trainst the bathroom • door as he strop])ed his razor listlessl\. "Jack." she said, "you must try to ijet home earlier. ()f course von have headaches after