Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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JANE F RO M A N'S (Above, from left to right.) First, a block street dress, trimmed with Roman-striped material. This frock solves the "wide shoulder" problem without going in tor those overdone puffed sleeves. The next two pictures show Jane's pet Sunday night ensemble. Without the jacket, the block and white checked skirt and decollete ce- rise top make a grand dance frock. With the little jacket, Jane feels quite properly attired for informal dining. (Immediately left.) A close-up of the cocktail hat that goes with the ensemble. The veil is stitched on so that it will never lose its perky lines. HELEN HOVER THLS Kronian gal is the personification of the typical American girl—sporty, gay. wholesome and yet glam- orous. What an unbeatable combination ' You may have heard that Jane is a University of Mis- souri graduate. The reason 1 mention it here is because her clothes have that yrnithful swagger and daring that college girls adopt "I think you'll find more originality on a campus than you will at a conference of French dressmakers," she remarked. "College girls—and 1 don't exclude their mod- ern sisters who mav be pf)unding typewriters for ;i li\ ing—have a genuine flare for clothes. Contrary to ])oi)n lar belief, thev don't go in for fads, but they're gennise^ at creating original ideas for clothes. They like smart, sophisticated things for the evening, and their daytime and sport frocks, 1 think, arc the most dashing in the world '" And who can deny Jane's .statement after looking at the highlights in her wardrobe That suit on the next page, for instance. It has that easy, nonchalant .sportiness that seems to say, "I was just made for Jane." (!an't you just picture it being worn to the first football game of the season"- It's a two-piece dress and jacket coml)ui;i