Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS SHERLOCK HOLMES UNMASKED By EVERETTA LOVE Richard Gordon is his real name. And he's really very different fronn the canny Mr. Holmes. (BoHom of page) Tinkering happily in his cellar work- shop in his Stam- ford, Connecti- cut, home. Meet the famous air detective off guard and find out what he's like SHERLOCK HOLMES has left the air for the sum- mer—perhaps for good. 'But the man who made him a flesh-and-blood reality to millions is still in radio. Richard Gordon is this man. He is one of radio's j^reatest actors. And one of the worst detectives. You think he's a hard-boiled sleuth. You think that nothing could escape his eagle eye and that criminals go to pieces under the lash of his merciless tongue. But I know better. I know him as he really is and, since Radio Stars has asked me to unmask him for you. J shall give you a true picture of your favorite man-hunter. Actually, he is no more like that human blood-hound than your Aunt Flmmie is like Greta Garbo. He is one of the most easy-going and charming persons in radio He's good-natured and not the least bit nervous and erratic. Even his voice is ditferent. When he says, "Elementary, my dear Watson, elemen- tary," on the air. his voice is the high-pitched and irritable one that you have come to recognize instantly as Sherlock Holmes', but Gordon's real voice is deep and calm and very soothing to the ear. RICHARD GORDON is six feet tall, broad of shoul- ders and weighs 165 pounds. His eyes are dark-brown and so is his hair, though tinged with grav at the temples He's always extremely well-groomed. Unlike Sherlock, his mind is never on practical prob lems. He is primarily the artist and dreamer. But a regular guy. You won't find a {Continued on pacjc 46)