Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS MAGIC By PETER DIXON Illustrated by Jack Welch mediately. And when she did sleep she dreamed of Pat playinf^ accompaniments for a brunette blues singer who looked remarkably like Miss Holmes. She woke up about ten in the morning and realized that it was an hour past her usual" breakfast time. She dressed slowly, waiting for Pat to call her and tell her whether he had made any progress toward a place on the Wyandotte program. At eleven o'clock she decided Pat wasn't going to call, and she was just leaving her room when the ])hone rang. It was Pat. and he wanted to know whether she had had her breakfast. "jMeet me in the lobby right away." he .said, "I']] teJl you all about it." Pat looked sleepy and there were faint circles under his eyes when she met him. Rut his expression was jubilant. "I crave breakfast right away." he said. "I'll tell you all about it at breakfast." Peggy hardly knew what she was ordering. Half an hour ago she had been very hungry. But now she wanted to know what had happened to J'at. "What a night!" Pat murniered as he gulped down his tomato juice. "It must have been five o'clock before I got in—but, Miss Peggy Tolson, your boy friend has a job on a network program!" "Pat! Not really!" Peggy gasped. Mr,.Wintz leered greasily. "How about a little private audition, baby, huh?" Peg's hand groped for the door knob. "Yup. All set. I don't even have to have an audition. I gave them one up at Connie's Inn!" He grinned at the thought of it. "And Watson's secretary phoned me about ten minutes ago and told me to be ready for a rehearsal of the new program Monday afternoon." "It's wonderful! Just wonderful!" Peggy meant it, too. "Do they ... do they want to use me, too?" Pat had been worried about that question. He knew it would have to be answered. ( Continued on page 50)