Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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so THIS IS HARRIS THREE years ago, Phil Harris had nothing to do, socially speaking—^because he was broke! Now, he can do nothing socially, because he is famous. Between these two extrerhes lie most of the important developments in Phil's life to date. It started with a pretty discouraged fellow—only eight dollars in his jeans —applying for a job as drummer in the band at the St. Francis Hotel m San Francisco. More to his surprise than anyone else's, he got it. Before anybody realized it, this same Harris was singing specialty numbers in a low, conversational bass that was just a little bit differ- ent ... in fact, the first singer to become a hit. Just eight months later, he was leading the band at the same hotel! That, strictly, was the end of leisure and privacy for Phil. His distinctive voice ("low and mean" they call it) floated over the ether waves from San Francisco to Los .Angeles. Southern California debutantes and movie stars began staying home at night just to listen for Harris and his "Can you hear meh?" They heard him ail right! So did the management of the Cocoanut Grove in the famous Ambas-sador Hotel. Net result: for over a year, now, Phil Harris has been packing 'em in as deep as a 38 Phil Harris, NBC's sky- riding find, may be radio's next'Vagabond Lover." He sings with that same come-hither that Vallee had. Here's a scoop on him—by our own Hollywood cor- respondent, who's known Phil for years By WALTER RAMSEY thousand per evening—all those excited dancers, who (as RKO so aptly put it in Phil's first picture) "Just Had To See Harris!" NOW, irr my Ifollywood time I have seen some rather busy people, including movie stars, executives and prop-boys! But compared to the daily schedule of Maestro Harris they are just lazy old smoothies. How's this for a night-and-day arrangement: 6 a.m.: Rise and bathe, breakfast and then some study on his lines for the picture, "Melody Cruise." 7 a.m.: Report at the RKO studios for work, which continues uninterrupted, except for a brief luncheon, until 6 p.m. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Contrive somehow to snatch a bath and a bite; wave "hello" and "goodbye" to his beautiful wife, Marcia Ralston, who looks like Joan Crawford and who has just signed an M-G-M contract; rehearse with the orchestra; interview song pluggers who can't be avoi(Fed and a small army of fans who won't be avoided! 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.: Leads the orchestra at the Cocoanut Grove and sings many of the numbers. 1 a.m.: Time for his only big meal of the day . . . then discussion and sometimes even a short bit of re- hearsal with his boys. ( Continued on page 48]