Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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(Left) Fred Waring and Joan Blondell of cln- enna fame at a party In Washington where Joan was guest of honor. (Below) Ben Bernie and George Olsen vacationing at French Lick, Indiana. THE BAND BOX By DANNY T O W N E (Left) This is Deane Janis, who sings so well with Hal Kennp's Or- chestra. She comes from Chi- cago and she has the loveliest red hair you ever saw. EVERYBODY is dancing these cool summer nights. The music masters over at Columbia know it. That's why they've given regular schedules to twenty-five dance bands that come from the West Coast, Chicago, New York and points in l)etween. Here's the all-star list: Pancho from the Central Park Casino in New York, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians from F'avilion Royale on Long I.sland, Isham Jones from Atlantic City's Hotel .Ambassador. Ted Lewis from the Dell's in Chicago. Glen (iray and the Casa Lonia Orchestra from West- chester's Glen Island Casino, and Lyman right from New York. In addition, you'll hear George Hall, Jerry Freeman, Ben Pollack, Johnny Hamp, Leon Belasco, Don Bestor. Will Osborne, Joe Haymes, Ozzie Nelson, Eli Dantzig, Claude Hopkins. Freddie Martin, Gus Arnheim, Vincent Travers, Art Coogan, Buddy Harrod, Buddy Wagner and Eddie Duchin. Do you know why Paul Tremaine uses "Lonely Acres" as his theme song over CBSi* It's because Willard Robi- son. the cowboy singer and a Westerner, wrote it, and Paul and most of his boys are from Colorado, Missouri and thereabouts. Robison wrote it when he was in New York and flat broke, and the strains indicate homesickness — felt occasionally by all of the Tremaine-ians. Strange things haj)pen in the musical batulbox. Most of Lowell Patton's songs come to him at the NBC by mail. But the words to "Light of Love Eternal" were telephoned to New York from {Continued on page 48) 39