Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS Street Singer i Continued from page 6 ) secure, he was far less happy than be- fore. To have this fascinating: and sympathetic woman constantly by his side as he studied and sang, to have her make sacrifices that she might give her encouragement, and still not to be able to make her his wife, was deeply disheartening. "Beatrice, we can't go on any longer like this. It's torture." "Perhaps, Arthur, I can arrange a divorce from my husband. I'll try." But it was less simple than she thought. Before she could formulate her plans, a summons was thrust at the singer like a bolt from the blue. The husband had instituted divorce pro- ceedings himself, coupled with an alien- ation of atfecticms suit for $200,000. This punishment, deserved or not, continued. Early in March of last year, they stepped from a train at Pittsburgh where Tracy was making a personal appearance. They were confronted by the husband and a group of detectives. "You're under arrest for violation of the Mann Act," he was told. The singer protested. Angry words burned through the air. The Street Singer won the skirmish. The outcome is a matter of newspaper record. Recriminations shuttled back and forth with increasing heat. The news- papers printed all the juicy bits they could glean. Lawyers conferred end- lessly. If only they could get the hus- band to drop the suit, she could go to Reno and get a divorce. It seemed so hopeless sometimes. The spring wore on and its end found a young singer in whose music there alternated notes of hope and melancholy. All through the oppressive heat of the New York sum- mer, he despaired of her ever gaining her freedom. He became more and more convinced that his dreams would never be realized. However . . . Had you been in the Municipal Building in Manhattan on October 21, 1932, you might have observed among the motley assortment of couples which came there for the two dollars worth of mumbled words that made them man and wife—you might have seen a tall, slender young man, his sensitive face shadowed by the brim of a hat snap- ped down over his forehead. Beside him you would have seen a pretty, auburn- haired woman, proud and happy despite the hoarsely whispered stories which still echoed around her. The relenting of the husband, the days which dragged slowly by as Beatrice waited in Reno for the divorce decree, afe all a part of the past they both prefer to forget. They live quietly and simply now, withdrawn from the glamor of the Broadway which was once so cold to them. They avoid the shining lights and gay parties, but not because tlu-y fear unkind tongues. They are proof against all of that now, they say. A Remarkable Offer! VERY WOMAN'S PURSE Just send your name and address with the top of a linit pack- age and 10^ (to cover cost of wrapping and postage) for EACH perfume container wanted. Use the handy coupon below. Glorious Feeling to your body IMMEDIATELY! Would you hke to have your skin feel soft and smooth as a rose petal simply by taking a most soothing pleasant bath.? Merely dissolve half a package or more of linit in your tub— bathe as usual, using your favorite soap—and then feel your skin! The rarest velvet couldn't be more soft and smooth! Perfumed linit is sold by grocery stores, drug and department stores. Unscented LINIT in the familiar blue pack- age is sold only by grocers. The Bathway to a Soft, Smooth Skin Com Products Refining Co., Dept. RS-9, P. O. Box 171,^ Trinity Station. New York Please send me _ perfume containers. Color(s) as checked below. I enclose $ and LIMIT package tops. □ Black □ Brown □ Red □ Blue □ Green □ Ivoiy Name Address.. City.. 41