Radio stars (Sept 1933)

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RADIO STARS Jane's Wardrobe EXCESS HAIR LOOKS BLACKER WHEN WET - - - MARCHAND'S MAKES IT UNNOTICEABLE! (Continued from page 19) prdpriate for the new fall things. Then the huge white batiste bow for relief. "Curtains," Jane calls it, but she likes the softness it brings to her face. Just look at her in the black cvenins? sjown and jacket pictured on page 1^. It artfully contrasts cire. or "shoe- polish" satin, which is about the shiniest fabric there is, together with soft, dull lusterless chiffon. C KIPPING back to daytime clothes. Jane brought out a black dress. The one trimmed with Roman-striped ma- terial—on page 18. "This broad shoulder idea has been done to death," she sighed, "and I don't mind telling you that I'm tired of puffed sleeves. They're too obvious. I'd rather attain that top-heavy look through more subtle means." So—the gay Roman striped material highlights the shoulderline and ties through a slit into a loose bow with fringed ends. Now look at the narrow cutf that falls just below the shoulder and circles the breadth of her shoulders and arms. Do you see how that extra arm width seems to give the impression that her shoulders are wider than they really are? A long sash is wound around her slim waist twice to give it that non- chalant draped effect. Very striking is the black and white dress with that immense detachable col- lar of heavily ribbed white crepe—see page 19. The collar extends below the hips and is about the nobbiest ever. It ruffles into a little ruche at the neck. "That makes my neck look shorter, be- sides giving a soft frame," Jane ex- plained, setting the collar in place. Don't you love that wide black leather belt with the white leather lacing ? This is the same shiny box leather that's used for men's dressing cases. Just that collar and belt over a simple dress, and presto! a frock that's daring and original. That glamorous Sunday night en- semble on page 18—looks like some- thing you can only sigh over but must not touch. But it's practical! Bold black and white checks on the skirt and cocktail jacket, set off by a cerise chiffon bodice above a high Em- pire wai.stline. The loose, short jacket has tiny epaulets at the shoulder. Then, off with the jacket (as illus- trated also on page 18), and you've one of the smartest evening gowns that ever stepped out on a dance floor. The bow in front and a low-cut back are revealed. The tiny "cocktail" hat (shown on page 18) which is worn with the out- fit in its less formal stage, fits like a little round box perkily on her head. It's of black crepe, with rows of tucks on the top of its shallow crown. It's no .-iccident that the veil dips over the right eye and flares away jauntily. \17 ET your arm. See how the light, fuzzy hair seems to grow blacker. And leg hair when wet shows up even heavier and uglier! Men look at your legs and arms. How can they fail to see excess hair—^made darker than ever when you go in bathing? For the sake of appearance, daintiness— keep arms and legs attractive. Make excess hair unnoticeable with Mar- chand's—quickly, easily. Theji you won't mind how wet arms get! WEARING SLEEVELESS DRESSES sheer stockings, or going barelegged—take the same precaution—because excess hair may be quite noticeable, even when dry. Remember shaving makes excess hair grow back bristly. You just prepare Marchand's (with ammonia), dab on with cotton and the job is done! MARCHAND'S FAMOUS BEAUTY AID OF BLONDES Marchand's Golden Hair Wash has a nation-wide reputation for reliability. Thousands of attractive blonde women use Marchand's—to restore youthful color and beauty to faded hair—to make drab hair lustrous and lovely. It is used at home, safely and successfully. To get the desired results, be sure you get the genuine. Ask for "MAR- CHAND'S"—see that the label spells— MARCHAND'S GOLDEN HAIR WASH If Your Druggist Can't Supply You Get by mail—fill in coupon, mail to us with 45c in coins or money order (stamps ac- cepted). C. Marchand Co., 251 W. 19 St., N. Y. C. Please send me a regular bottle of Marchand's Golden Hair Wash. Here is my 4Sc to cover all charges. Xame Address City State 43