Radio stars (Oct 1934-Sept 1935)

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RADIO STARS ยง Wide World Wide World THE CURE IM COURAGE TO COME BACK FROM THE GRAVE ither patient's elbow and it had given her an idea. 'd never given two whoops for a radio. My busy life hi, precluded every non-essential. The clatter of the psses, the urgency of long hours under the drive of getir, out a daily paper had made me want a quiet letim when I got home. My wife liked the radio, but Bi'd simply turn it off as soon as I came in. And now. hie one stood with its tiny dials I could turn with one I nt finger. , ly doctor grinned at it (Continued on page 73) y H. Clark Rixey 11 The greatest lung specia ist of the country doomed him to die until radio came to the rescue.